Best Ways To Lose Weight – Stay Fit And Fine

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Best Ways To Lose Weight – Stay Fit And Fine

There are many tried and tested ways to lose weight, but first and foremost you should decrease the amount of your calorie intake and increase your physical activity. The best ways to lose weight are plenty but listed below are some of the realistic ways to successfully lose weight and stay fit and fine.

When you make up your mind to lose weight, you should remember to set simple goals for yourself and get yourself motivated to achieve these goals. Use a BMI chart, available online and determine how much excess weight you should lose. Try to lose weight slowly and gradually as nothing can be obtained overnight. One or two pounds off your body is normally the suggest amount. Try and stick to your plans and once you start there is no seeing back.

Going on a crash diet is not the best way to lose weight. You may lose a lot of pounds initially but it is not good for you in the long run. You have to change the way you eat and how you eat; eat smaller portions of food. Calculate what you consume and cut down on the unwanted calories. Exercise is an integral part of weight loss. A healthy diet coupled with exercise will give you long term benefits and meet your weight loss requirements. Skipping for 15 minutes, swimming or even plain walking will help you shed of those extra kilos. Walk the stairs and ignore the lifts. Do all the house work by yourself or start a small kitchen garden. You will be engrossed and will get some fresh garden vegetables too.

You have to dramatically decrease the amount of food you eat too. Eat smaller portions and condemn fried food, burgers, cakes and pastries and oil rich food. Include salads, raw and boiled vegetables and plenty of fresh fruit in your diet. Whole grains, green tea and natural foods rich in fiber and iron should be consumed.

Up your water intake as well as your fruit juice intake. Water will flush out all the toxins in your body and keep your body hydrated throughout. Whenever you are feeling hungry rush to a glass of water. Ask your friends to help in your weight loss plan. Your family will eat sensibly too and you can keep yourself motivated. Never starve, you will deprive your body of the essential minerals and may suffer in the long run. Avoid stress, strain and take time out to do what you enjoy most. A healthy mind will show on a healthy body so relax, unwind and lose weight gradually. Nothing is impossible; it is all in the mindset and if you are determined to achieve your weight loss goal; you will achieve it.